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CCFA encourages the teamwork of employees and volunteers so that we can offer our participating familes the best services possible. Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills, and knowledge of our community to provide personalized attention to clients, enable the paid staff to concentrate on the work for which they were trained, and educate the public about our organization and its cause. Please complete the following application to get more information about volunteer opportunities within the CCFA.

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Althea Spruill

Althea Spruill taught Elementary School for 37 years and dedicated 27 of those years to teaching in the City of Trenton. Ms. Spruill is a former Trenton Head Start teacher which eventually informed her wok at the Trenton Board of Education. She has served the community as a Girl Scout Leader and a Service Unit Director of Girl Scouts. Ms. Spruill served on the Trenton Head Start Board for two years immediately prior to her service on the board of CCFA. She has a love for education and a heart for people, especially children. She believes the Aristotelian philosophy, "Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well."

Whitney Gittens, Tutor, Homework Clinic, High School Senior, Foundation Collegiate Academy

"I volunteer at CCFA because I would like to have a career that helps young children and this is giving me the experience. This experience helps me because I enjoy working with the children and building a bond with them. Also, I like witnessing their development with one on one instruction. CCFA is unique because we work with the siblings and parents. CCFA is one big happy family!"

Dishea McBride, Tutor, Homework Clinic, Teacher, Trenton Board of Education

"When I first heard about CCFA it was from a colleague, she told me about a program that was dedicated to giving back to the children in the community. I did not hesitate to get involved. CCFA not only provides homework help to struggling students, they offer parents an opportunity to better themselves as well. CCFA proves that it does take a community to educate our children by showing the parents the difference they make when being involved. I am forever grateful to CCFA for allowing me to be a part of their journey."

Jason Williams, Tutor, Homework Clinic, High School, Junior, Ewing High School

"My Name is Jason Williams. I am a Junior at Ewing High School. I volunteer at the Center for Child and Family Achievement because it makes me feel good knowing that I can help make a difference in someone's life. I enjoy tutoring and hope I can continue to give back to the Trenton community."

Hattie Clark, Family Support Volunteer, Retired, Pre-School Educator

"CCFA is a community resource for me and another direct support resource for the children and families who use the services in the evening and afternoon. Volunteering at CCFA is another way of giving back to the Trenton community. It is a natural instinct in helping families achieves educational goals. Instead of talking, I let my actions speak for me!"

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