CCFA's family achievement model encourages the development of family centered academic and other enrichment strategies, for underperforming communities and learning environments, within the City of Trenton. Low income children in the City of Trenton face a myriad of challenges that impact their educational experiences from kindergarten to high school. Many of these challenges are reflective of the fact that Trenton's children are disproportionately affected by poverty, and the barriers it presents to family stability and long term commitment to educational achievement.

Summarily, these barriers typically include food, housing insecurity, unemployment and the lack of safety resulting from exposure to maladaptive situations resulting in family instability. These real life, real-time circumstances fuel the under achievement of low income students and also continue to perplex urban educational systems and their practitioners on how best to intervene.

To assist in arresting these dynamics, CCFA also wants to give you the opportunity, to contribute to our varied program components.

General Support:

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Dedicated Support:

We have an immediate need for donations to the following program components:

  1. Family Homework Clinic

    The homework clinic is in need of materials and supplies to support student learning, homework completion and parental integration within the home. This component is strongly reinforced through familial access to the proper supplies without undue financial burden. These supplies include composition books, pencils, pens, book bags, pocket folders, 1" binders, glue sticks, stickers for preschool children and other like materials. A $75 donation to the CCFA Homework Clinic will underwrite the cost of one quarter of supplies for 10 families enrolled in the program to remain on site or, as needed, will follow the child home.

  2. Achieving Financial Literacy

    The financial literacy component is in need of learning materials that include budget workbooks, 35 copies apiece of Robert T. Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich"; calculators, money games, financial literacy and budgeting software, etc. A $100 donation to the CCFA Financial Literacy clinic will underwrite the costs of two texts for group reading and provide three families with money games for family game nights and community events.

  3. Food Security

    Condiments and nutritional supplies are needed for weekly meetings and events. Occasional meals, juices and nutritional snacks are an ongoing concern for any programs providing family based services in urban communities as food insecurity is prevalent. Supplies in this area typically include box juices, lunches, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, paper goods and utensils, etc. A $250 donation to CCFA can be earmarked to underwrite a one month supply of nutritional supplies for 15 families through different after school and weekend activities; or to provide dinner for one CCFA Monthly Family Achievement Cohorts meeting for 15 families.

  4. Cultural and Educational Enrichment Activities

    CCFA provides monthly trips that both inspire reading and increase language exposure for the whole family. A $270.00 donation will provide Snack Bags for each trip; a $350 donation will allow the rental of one 54 Passenger Bus which will enable 42 children and 12 parents to attend one Educational/Cultural Enrichment trip.

  5. Family Achievement Cohorts/Weekly Coaching Session

    Families composed of single mothers share compelling stories of life challenges/barriers while addressing their individual empowerment needs through book club format. An inspirational book of the month guides discussion on such topics of goal setting, positive self esteem, family's values, routines, self image, communication, skills building activities, vision board project, empowerment journals, navigating research and services for their child and how to work effectively with child welfare agencies, mental and behavior health providers. A donation of $1,200 provides one month of Group Coaching Sessions.

  6. Emergency Resources

    The emergency resources component provides items to meet each child's basic needs. These basic needs include personal hygiene kits, hat-scarf-glove set, sweater, school uniform, coat, snow boat, shoes and socks. Your contribution of $2,500 will enable 15 children to go to school having their basic needs addressed and enhancing the child's self esteem and image.

  7. Child Library and Study Space

    The child library and study space component creates a structured learning environment in the home. A structured learning environment includes a three shelf bookcase; an age appropriate chair and desk, internet hot spot monthly fee and a lap top computer per family. Your contribution of $2,800 will provide 5 children with a structured learning environment in their home.

By Check:

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The Center for Child and Family Achievement
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