4th Grade Chromebook Initiative Impacts Digital Learning - Follows Students to 5th Grade

August 21st-Sept 20th, 2019

Students who successfully completed the 4th Grade Digital Initiative requirements earn the opportunity to own their Chromebooks:

The Chromebooks Initiative phase 2 is sponsored by Susan Rhoda Hansen with Chromebooks purchased by CCFA funded by the George H. and Estelle M. Sands Foundation. Ms. Jacquelynn M. Rice CCFA Site Liaison will coordinate, an emphasis will be given to inspiring "Girls Code" and STEM. Phase 1 gave 70 students access to Chromebooks at home. Special Thanks to Ms Janette Harris, Principal at Gregory School for her leadership to make this a reality and Ms. Jacquay for conducting Digital Learning workshops for students and their parents.

When we talk about education, being equal, having equity, inclusive, quality classrooms in Public Schools; Our conviction must be that all children, if they live in Princeton or Trenton, Orange County or LA County must have equal access to the same "educational tools"! We are seeking partnerships with individuals who share our passion for every student to own their very own Chromebook!

God our hope, books our weapon, education our victory!

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