Our Approach

The CCFA approach creates logical and gradual progressions of achievement producing behaviors that become actualized for each unique family. Social science research over the past decades, has suggested that family structure affects children's school outcomes, from preschool to college. Early childhood education studies also indicate that when a low-income minority child begins kindergarten, there are major disparities. The data also indicates variations in school performance could be explained, in part or in whole, by the differences in family resources, such as time and money, family dynamics and parental characteristics that are associated with various family forms. These are mediating factors, or mechanisms, through which family structure affects schooling outcomes. Family structure may also exert a direct influence, independent of mediating factors. To streamline parental decision making while undergirding family achievement skill and values, CCFA emphasizes:

  1. Outreach and Engagement

    The agency provides ongoing contact and inquiries with parents and guardians to determine interest, availability, participation and accountability for focus groups, special events, cultural and performing arts, book fairs, library visits, Disney Live, family fun nights, nature walks/camping, museum visits and other exposure designed, skill building and intergenerational outings.
  2. Child/Family Assessment and Enrollment Eligibility

    CCFA uses a variety of methods to evaluate, measure and document academic readiness, learning progress and skill acquisition of CCFA family achievement students and families from preschool through college and adulthood. Our method emphasizes a case management approach by family cohort team leaders to determine individualized levels of need within families for the acquisition of particular skills and knowledge, toward increased positive outcomes in child and family achievement.
  3. Parent Advocacy and Leadership Training

    Involves teaching parent advocacy, avocations for maximum resources, and services to ensure child optimal performance in alignment with the directives and needs of the family service plan.
  4. Family Achievement Cohorts

    Designed to create small family support groups who come together around a similar mission of educational achievement for the child and later, for his/her siblings. Parents will be encouraged to focus on furthering their educational achievement, utilizing the family service plan's identified goals and relevant activities. The cohort assists parents to identify and organize family achievement priorities around local resources, and the family achievement community of child learners and their families.