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Vision and Core Values

Families must be engaged in order to meet the total needs of children as they transition through grades K-12. The cultivation of a culture of education excellence within the family stimulates the values that will drive anticipated and expected outcomes for the City's children.

Critical is the creation of an expectation in the minds of policy makers and program planners that children living in poverty can and will succeed - with the right supports. It is to these ends, that we believe our innovative results-driven approach is driving the Center's core values:

  • Closing the achievement gap must be undergirded by aims that foster active engagement of various sectors and stakeholders to increase awareness, to concentrate resources and impact policy making.
  • Closing the achievement gap requires an organizational strategy that provides a bold framework for continuing to impact educational development and academic enrichment for children and families living in poverty.
  • Closing the achievement gap requires local and regional policies and programming that are responsive and support education advocacy for children living in poverty. To hold educators alone accountable for addressing the causes of lower performance within the target population, in isolation of the family structure, creates an impossible task.

The Center for Child and Family Achievement, believing that parents and children can learn together, seeks to inspire and to develop stronger academic achievement in children living in poverty from Kindergarten through High School graduation, by addressing the total needs of the family.

Closing the Achievement Gap

God our hope, books our weapon, education our victory!

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